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 The book "Encyclopedia of East Asian Design" one chapter of which contributed by Kenji SUDA has been just published from Bloomsbury Inc. IT was launched as a project named "Asian design encyclopedia project" of IIAS: International Institute for Advanced Studies, and was led by Dr.Haruhiko FUJITA professor the Graduate School of Letters Osaka University in Japan ten years ago.

  Research outline(IIAS)

In this book, I'm in charge of Japan section "Woodwork in pre-modern Japan", which explains the history through birth of Woodwork to Edo-period. It is so revolutionary that Japanese woodwork history is shown to world with translatoin by Dr.Hiroko KUROKAWA, professor Tokyo University of the Arts.

 I appreciate that a chance to write down as a real wood worker even though most parts of this book was assigned to academic researchers.

 I hope this book will be stocked in many libralies and universities all over the world, and many people will get acess to know East Asian Design including Japanese woodwork.

"Encyclopedia of East Asian Design"(ISBN 9781350036475)


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 このたび、須田が一部執筆を担当した「Encyclopedia of East Asian Design」が出版されました。

 私は日本の部の"Woodwork in pre-modern Japan(近代以前の日本木工史)"を執筆させていただきました。3,000Wordの短かさではありますが、その始まりから江戸時代までの我が国における木工の歩みを概説いたしました。東京藝大の黒川廣子教授の訳により英語で日本の木工史が世界に紹介されることは画期的なことだと思います。第1稿を書いてからすでに5年近く経ち、細かい校閲を経ての出版で感無量です。本著の執筆担当はほとんどが研究者のなかにあって、私のような実制作者へこのような貴重な機会をいただいたことに深く感謝しています。


"Encyclopedia of East Asian Design"(ISBN 9781350036475)


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