Small cabinet with inlay decoration "Sei-ren(Blue Lotus)"

嵌装小箪笥「青蓮」-木工藝 須田賢司 Japanese Fine Woodwork SUDA Kenji


The name of this work “Sei-ren (Blue Lotus)” is used as short term of “Sei-ren-ka(blue lotus’ flower)” compared to Buddha’s eye. In fact, there is no lotus with blue flower in India, so both words are often confused.

 Lotus springs up from muddy soil and makes beautiful and unearthly flower, which is particularly popular in Buddhism world and by further extension in the East. Especially, pronunciation of “Sei-ren (blue lotus)” over lap that of  “Sei-ren(rectitude)”, which has been loved by litterateur since ancient times; the reason why I picked it as the name of this work.

              About outside panels’ material, right side is made of Sapele Mahogany, and left is of Sycamore Maple. Brown Sapele is used for expressing muddy soil and pure white Sycamore for flower of lotus.

              Red material of edge line is made of pear, on which small white mother of pearl shell is inlayed. And inlayed line on the center of body  changes allocation of material: on Sycamore part mainly mother of pearl and small quantity of Paua shell from New Zealand, and on the other hand,  on Sapele part mainly consists of Paua shell.

              Inside cajon is made from deep mountain cherry blossom, which is big tree with whitish pink colored flower and pinkish material of it is so elegant and loved by Japanese fine wood working.

              About finishing, wiping Urushi way is often used, but I don’t employ it and utilize original color of genuine wood material.

              About metal parts on the front side, the lock called “Sasu” connect right and left side, especially this type of lock is basically used in a vertical direction and is named “Ebi-jo(Shrimp shaped lock)”*1. In this work, the mechanism of it is used in horizontal way. This types roots from works in “Shōsōin (the 8th century treasure house that belongs to Tōdai-ji in Nara, Nara, Japan)” and so difficult to build that few fine wood workers utilize it. In exhibition of Shōsōin, I’ve seen mirror box with this lock system before, inspired from which I tried to build and have done it. Including silver hinges on both end sides panels, all metal parts named “Kazari-kanagu(decorating metal ware)” are made by me, which is one of  characteristics of my works.

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*2 本作品はハースト婦人画報社『婦人画報』2017年10月号にてお取り上げ頂きました。